Saturday, 3 August 2013

(3 Aug 2013) Isle of Sheppey

About an hour from London, the Isle of Sheppey has the dubious distinction of being the only part of the UK to have been lost to a foreign power after William the Conqueror's invasion in 1066. In 1667, a Dutch fleet sailing up the Thames Estuary towards the Medway captured the fort at Sheerness and occupied the island for a few weeks.

St Thomas the Apostle, Harty

Elmley Marshes

Elmley Marshes is supposed to be a birdwatcher's paradise, and we did come across a few (birdwatchers), but all I managed to photograph in the one hour we stayed was a juvenile blackbird taking a nap. From then on, there was a lot of reflecting, especially on the merits and shortcomings of bovine life, and accompanying photos, some with and some without film. All in all, it was a nice walk in the countryside.


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